It’s back up week.

backup discAll computer users, from home users to professional information security officers, should back
up the critical data they have on their desktops, laptops, servers, and even mobile devices to
protect it from loss or corruption. Saving just one backup file may not be enough to safeguard
your information. To increase your chances of recovering lost or corrupted data, follow the 3-2-1 rule:
3 – Keep 3 copies of any important file: 1 primary and 2 backups.
2 – Keep the files on 2 different media types to protect against different types of hazards.
1 – Store 1 copy offsite (e.g., outside your home or business facility).

What to use: hard disk, usb thumb drive, cd, dvd, floppy, solid state drive, the cloud???  The the answer depends on your particular situation and needs.  If you need assistance, Computer Guy Consulting can help you or your business figure it out.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike.  Backing up is way easier than emergency data recovery!

Don’t make the data mistake!

usb data lossHere at Computer Guy Consulting a lot of data recovery is done. Why because hard disk, flash drives, and SD cards sometimes fail. Sometimes people cause their own problems by accidentally deleting important files. Malware and ransomeware can also render your data unusable or deleted.

Make sure that you have at least 3 copies of important files. First copy should be in your documents folder. Second copy should be on a usb drive that isn’t always connected to your pc. Have a third copy off premises by using a cloud based back up product like Mozy or Carbonite. It’s difficult to lose all three copies of your data using this method.

If you have a small business this 3-2-1 back up strategy becomes even more import. You will have multiple people working on multiple important files. You will have multiple chances for things to go wrong. Having a consultant make sure that your data is secure provides a lot of peace of mind.

Computer Guy Consulting offers all things data related. If you are unsure of your home or business data status contact the Computer Guy for a consultation. Don’t wait until it happens to you, prevention is a lot easier than disaster remediation!

Computer Clean Up

computer cleaningComputers need cleaning too!  If your pc needs a “cleaning” computer guy consulting can  give you a check up and tune to keep your machine humming along.  We will advise you on your security status as well as your back up strategy.  You do have a back up strategy right?  You can spend your time running your business with peace of mind that your computer is clean, backing up, and optimized.

Computer Guy Consulting also provides sales and services for all your pc needs.  Dell authorized resellers  providing pcs and servers for home and business.  Services include: consulting in shop and onsite, data recovery, virus removal, network set up, wifi for business with multiple access points to cover larger areas, configuration of hardware and software, remote monitoring and management of business pcs and networks, and all types of troubleshooting.

Call for a free phone consultation about your tech issues.

Be Afraid…very afraid…CryptoLocker is here


CryptoLocker is a very nasty malware that encrypts your data. Read more at:

The only way to get your data back is to pay a ransom to obtain an encryption key. Watch out for drive by downloads and phony email attachments. Your only defense after the infection is to have good back ups. If you need help making sure this can not happen to you, call Computer Guy Consulting and I will help you plan making sure you have a copy of your data in the event something like the cryptolocker malware was to happen to you. Peace of mind is priceless. Be prepared.

Computer Guy Consulting offers: remote management and tech support, on site consulting services, managed back up systems, data recovery, and small business IT services.

Data, Data, Data


Data back up, data transfer, data recovery. Get piece of mind by knowing your data are safe. Hardware and software can be repaired and replaced. Your data are priceless, once it is gone its gone. Here at Computer Guy we “do” data. If you need data piece of mind give us a call.

Why would my computer get hacked?

Here’s why.  A hacked pc or server can be used for multiple nefarious activities.  Would you even know if your server stuck back in the closet was serving spam before your internet service provider cut off your internet access?  Most business owners would not.  It happened to one of my clients who added an additional pc in a conference room cabinet and never told us or installed any security or windows updates.  Guess what- one Monday morning the DSL internet provider cut us off and we got blacklisted by an international spam filter.  It was a hard and expensive lesson!

Computer Guy consulting can monitor all of your office computers and servers to make sure that all is well.  This is one of those ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure deals.  If you need a security evaluation or an infection clean up call us and be confident that all is well again.  Most downtime and infection  issues can be eliminated with an ounce prevention.  You are backing up your data right???   -that’s a topic for another post!


HackedPC2012-600x381Here at Computer Guy we help people figure IT out.  Back up systems, computer repairs, software issues, virus and spyware removal, data recovery, network and internet installation and support.  If you are a small business and need help Computer Guy Consulting can help you with all your small business IT support.

Data Recovery $200 off thur Computer Guy






Drivesavers-data-recovery-logoThrough a special arrangement, you can now receive professional data recovery service through DriveSavers Data Recovery at reduced rates.   These guys are good!  When you have to have it back off a dead drive-  DriveSavers has never failed me yet!  S*%$ happens- thank god for DriveSavers!!


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With the highest success rate in the industry, DriveSavers has earned a global reputation for excellence by providing fast, accurate data recovery and unparalleled customer service. Call DriveSavers when you experience a data loss of any kind. If your hard drive has failed, DriveSavers can respond immediately with experienced data recovery advisors that will answer any questions and counsel you on the most appropriate steps to solve your problem.


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Call and speak directly with DriveSavers seasoned advisors. They’ll provide you with a firm estimate, based on the symptoms and circumstances of your data loss and any special situations you’ve encountered. You do not need to send in your drive to receive an estimate.  For immediate service, contact DriveSavers 800.440.1904 — 24 hours a day, seven days week.


Proactive Support for Office Computers

Work on the business not your computers. We have can manage your computers and network so you can conduct your core business. Management is done remotely via 24/7 remote monitoring software. This provides the business owner with an affordable and proactive approach for outsourcing information technology task. Call today for a free network evaluation.

Computer Guy Consulting offers: remote management and tech support, on site consulting services, managed back up systems, data recovery, and small business IT services.

What’s Your Data Worth?

How much time and energy do you have invested in your: contacts, database, photos, spreadsheets, wordfilenotfound documents, emails, etc?  For most of us a lot of effort is tied up in those files.  Could you afford to lose them?  Most would say no.  What’s your data worth to you?

Here in the Tucson area Computer Guy Consulting does data recovery frequently.  PC’s crash, hard disk die, hardware is stolen, malware destroys data.  Most customers have little to no back up of most data.  Don’t make an excuse about why you can not do it.  Copy files once a month to an external hard disk drive.  Let us set up an automatic back up system for you.  Both solutions are significantly cheaper than having to pay for data recovery.