Don’t make the data mistake!

usb data lossHere at Computer Guy Consulting a lot of data recovery is done. Why because hard disk, flash drives, and SD cards sometimes fail. Sometimes people cause their own problems by accidentally deleting important files. Malware and ransomeware can also render your data unusable or deleted.

Make sure that you have at least 3 copies of important files. First copy should be in your documents folder. Second copy should be on a usb drive that isn’t always connected to your pc. Have a third copy off premises by using a cloud based back up product like Mozy or Carbonite. It’s difficult to lose all three copies of your data using this method.

If you have a small business this 3-2-1 back up strategy becomes even more import. You will have multiple people working on multiple important files. You will have multiple chances for things to go wrong. Having a consultant make sure that your data is secure provides a lot of peace of mind.

Computer Guy Consulting offers all things data related. If you are unsure of your home or business data status contact the Computer Guy for a consultation. Don’t wait until it happens to you, prevention is a lot easier than disaster remediation!

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