Got Malware?


Many pc users are vulnerable to malware due to exposure via email and internet activities.
What :
Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.
Malware is common on computers and may also occur on smartphones and tablets.
Malware is typically picked up via an email link or bad website link when users are in a hurry and just click ok without thinking about what they are doing.
Today, malware is used by both black hat hackers and governments, to steal personal, financial, or business information.

Ok, hopefully you get it already. Now what? Give me a call and tell me what is happening. Don’t put it off because it will get worse over time. Malware removal is a specialty at Computer Guy Consulting. 95% of the time we can get your pc back to normal and running fast again!  While at it, I’ll make sure your security is up to the task as well.

10 Security Steps for a safer pc and online experience

safepcStep 1. Have a 3-2-1 backup solution.
Step 2. Test your backup solution by restoring some test files.
Step 3. Use strong passwords with a password manager.
Step 4. Have a router firewall in addition to the Windows firewall.
Step 5. Run and keep updated anti-malware software.
Step 6. Have updated alternative browsers and search engines.
Step 7. Applications: Should be patched and updated.
Step 8. Don’t run in administrator mode, use a standard account.
Step 9. Consider using a tablet for nonessential websurfing.
Step 10. Use common sense when something unexpected pops up.

If you don’t know how to deal with some of these steps feel free to call Computer Guy Consulting for a consultation.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to computer disasters.  The time to implement these steps is while everything is still pure and not corrupted.  Protect your business and home computers by using these 10 security steps.

How old is your router?

Circa 2004?
SONY DSCIs this what your router looks like?  If it is this old you probably need a new one.  Router technology has improved dramatically in the last few years.  Now that most homes and offices are relying on internet services and wifi to get things done having a router that is up to the task is essential.  Replacing an old inadequate router in an office will yield noticeable results when searching web pages and uploading and downloading content.  As more pcs and wireless devices are added to a network having a more powerful router will improve everyone’s experience.  Newer business routers also offer improved security, spam filtering, web filtering, firewall and other add on features.  If you are paying for good internet service don’t skimp by choking your bandwidth through an old under powered router.

Computer Guy Consulting can advise you about your current network and router.  A network assessment can be conducted to see if you would be better served with newer hardware and maybe wiring.  Give a call and schedule your network analysis today. 325-4656


Is your email hacked?

Why would anyone want to hack my email account??  Well, lots of reasons but all of them want to steal your digital info.



This diagram is worth 1000 words for sure.  We all use online services and have website accounts that can put you in a compromised situation should one be hacked.  If you need help with a hacked email account or computer give me a call.  Don’t wait until your information, identity, or finances are compromised.

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Be Afraid…very afraid…CryptoLocker is here


CryptoLocker is a very nasty malware that encrypts your data. Read more at:

The only way to get your data back is to pay a ransom to obtain an encryption key. Watch out for drive by downloads and phony email attachments. Your only defense after the infection is to have good back ups. If you need help making sure this can not happen to you, call Computer Guy Consulting and I will help you plan making sure you have a copy of your data in the event something like the cryptolocker malware was to happen to you. Peace of mind is priceless. Be prepared.

Computer Guy Consulting offers: remote management and tech support, on site consulting services, managed back up systems, data recovery, and small business IT services.

Protect Your Business Computers

man using PC

I am going to paraphrase a really good article from the Kentucky Commonwealth Office of Technology’s monthly newsletter. 

Getting pop ups telling you your pc is infected!  If you click here and pay $29.99 or $39.99 and we will clean your system.  Watch out this is some fake antivirus or antimalware scam.

How do you get this infection?  You clicked on a bogus link in a webpage or maybe you clicked on a pop-up.  It all looks real and legitimate.  This link or pop-up convinces you to click and the bogus software will disinfect and/or protect your system. Some website can infect you just by visiting the site.  Hacker and Porn sites are famous for this.

Bad news is your antivirus and antimalware usually don’t offer much protection because they are reactive.  This means the newest malware isn’t detectable because the security vendor hasn’t had time to place a signature put in to the malware definitions.

What’s going to happen?
Hard to say.  Maybe you won’t notice any issue for days or weeks.  All of sudden the computer is slow as sin and your internet connection is “talking” like crazy.  You could be giving your keystrokes to a Russian gang.  Your browser no longer takes you to when you click on the homepage button.  Maybe a trojan horse is installing some hackers program to take control of your system.  If you operate the pc in an administrative account (as most users do!)  the malware has rights to do just about anything to your system.  All manner of changes to your system will now make it down right impossible to remove the rogue program(s).

What can I do for protection?

1 Patch your OS, browser, and various software to keep it updated.
2 Keep your current security software updated and active.
3 Don’t click on any pop-ups for security software. 
4 Limit active X and scripting in your browser preferrences.  Seek professional help with this from a computer repair shop or a consultant.
5 Back up.  Sometimes a bad infection will require a complete reformat and reinstallation of your hard drive and OS.
6 Run your updated antivirus and antispyware at least weekly.

If you are concerned that any of your network pcs may be compromised give us a call.  We do small business IT support so you don’t have to!