Network Issues?

netgear-switchIs your network slowing down? Are users complaining they can not access server files? Shared database files are giving errors?

Sometimes routers and switches start to act badly as they age and become more and more unreliable. Computer Guy Consulting can help you diagnose network problems with all your connected computers and related network equipment.  Don’t wait until your network is down.  Computer Guy can help you replace any faulty hardware in the network matrix.  All network equipment should be gigabit speed in a small business network.  Gigabit switches are the standard in 2015.

Small business networks are a specialty at Computer Guy.  If you are having problems give us a call for a consultation about your networking issues.

How old is your router?

Circa 2004?
SONY DSCIs this what your router looks like?  If it is this old you probably need a new one.  Router technology has improved dramatically in the last few years.  Now that most homes and offices are relying on internet services and wifi to get things done having a router that is up to the task is essential.  Replacing an old inadequate router in an office will yield noticeable results when searching web pages and uploading and downloading content.  As more pcs and wireless devices are added to a network having a more powerful router will improve everyone’s experience.  Newer business routers also offer improved security, spam filtering, web filtering, firewall and other add on features.  If you are paying for good internet service don’t skimp by choking your bandwidth through an old under powered router.

Computer Guy Consulting can advise you about your current network and router.  A network assessment can be conducted to see if you would be better served with newer hardware and maybe wiring.  Give a call and schedule your network analysis today. 325-4656