Computer Clean Up

computer cleaningComputers need cleaning too!  If your pc needs a “cleaning” computer guy consulting can  give you a check up and tune to keep your machine humming along.  We will advise you on your security status as well as your back up strategy.  You do have a back up strategy right?  You can spend your time running your business with peace of mind that your computer is clean, backing up, and optimized.

Computer Guy Consulting also provides sales and services for all your pc needs.  Dell authorized resellers  providing pcs and servers for home and business.  Services include: consulting in shop and onsite, data recovery, virus removal, network set up, wifi for business with multiple access points to cover larger areas, configuration of hardware and software, remote monitoring and management of business pcs and networks, and all types of troubleshooting.

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Why would my computer get hacked?

Here’s why.  A hacked pc or server can be used for multiple nefarious activities.  Would you even know if your server stuck back in the closet was serving spam before your internet service provider cut off your internet access?  Most business owners would not.  It happened to one of my clients who added an additional pc in a conference room cabinet and never told us or installed any security or windows updates.  Guess what- one Monday morning the DSL internet provider cut us off and we got blacklisted by an international spam filter.  It was a hard and expensive lesson!

Computer Guy consulting can monitor all of your office computers and servers to make sure that all is well.  This is one of those ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure deals.  If you need a security evaluation or an infection clean up call us and be confident that all is well again.  Most downtime and infection  issues can be eliminated with an ounce prevention.  You are backing up your data right???   -that’s a topic for another post!


HackedPC2012-600x381Here at Computer Guy we help people figure IT out.  Back up systems, computer repairs, software issues, virus and spyware removal, data recovery, network and internet installation and support.  If you are a small business and need help Computer Guy Consulting can help you with all your small business IT support.

Business Networks

Is your business network too slow?  Are you having long waits to pull up files on the network?  If so, you may be in need of a network make over.  Most current networking gear should work at gigabit speeds.  If your router, network cards, and network wiring are not up to the task it can really be a productivity drain.  No one in an office environment wants to have to go get a coffee while the database file is opening.  If this is your office, your network is too sloooow!!


Let us help you correct network issues.  We can monitor all of your office pcs to proactively keep small issues from becoming big problems.   Call us for a consultation if you have any issue with your office technology.  Here at Computer Guy Consulting we are here to help.  Reach us at 325-4656.

Proactive Support for Office Computers

Work on the business not your computers. We have can manage your computers and network so you can conduct your core business. Management is done remotely via 24/7 remote monitoring software. This provides the business owner with an affordable and proactive approach for outsourcing information technology task. Call today for a free network evaluation.

Computer Guy Consulting offers: remote management and tech support, on site consulting services, managed back up systems, data recovery, and small business IT services.