Tucson Computer Repair -Options?

What are your computer repair options here in Tucson?  Big Box Store, National Repair Companies, or a local shop?  Clients tell me that the Big Box stores charge about $100.00 just to look at a PC.  The National Repair Companies have you call an 800 number and talk to a dispatcher person who may not even be in the United States. 

Who needs the Big Box or the Nerd Wagon when you can go local?  Here at Computer Guy in sunny Tucson, Arizona we offer free diagnostics in our shop.  We answer the phone with people who actually work on PC’s!  A local technician, serving the local area, offering free diagnostics, fast service and turn around times. What a concept!

Windows PC needing a Boost?

sick pcComputer Repair, yeah we do that. 

  • Sometimes a simple RAM upgrade is all it takes.  We only use Micron memory from Crucial.  Why-always compatible and guaranteed for life!  How much is enough?  That depends on you and your pc use.  We can make sure you have enough based on your needs and computer.
  • Is it slooooowww?  We can speed it up for you.  Optimization of your software environment is a common solution for a slow pc.  Do you really need 50 start up programs?  Probably not.
  • Bad hardware slowing you down? Sometimes a drive will slowly fail.  Memory sticks will also slowly fail and cause errors.  We have the know how and diagnostic tools to figure it out for you. 
  • Virus, spyware, trojan horse, root kit?  Oh yeah, a brand new pc will go slow with an infection.  Again we have the know how, experience, and tools to figure it out and fix it.

Computer repair, data recovery, small business IT, yeah we have been doing this for 10 years now in the Tucson, Arizona area.  If you need fast, affordable, and reliable computer repair we got you covered!