My New Book: A Common Sense Guide: Computers for Everyday Business People Chapter 1….more to follow….

A Common Sense Guide: Computers for Everyday Business People

10 Tips, 10 Chapters, 10 Pages Anyone Can Get IT!



Who’s this book for?  This book is for normal everyday business people who must use computer technology but don’t want to be a “techie”.  What’s this book for?  To provide “normal” business people an easy to understand practical guide to computer technology.  When did I write this book?  This book was written in mid 2016.  Why did I write this book?  After 20 years of experience, I wanted to give back a little of my expertise and insight.  This book was written to help “normal” business people figure out common sense advice to be safe, productive, and avoid common pitfalls using computers.  This book in not intended to be a how to guide, or a comprehensive overview of all business related computer technology topics and issues.


Tip: If you don’t read anything else at least read the 10 common sense tips in Chapter 1.  It’s quick and easy to understand and one page!

Chapter 1


10 Common sense tips and computer best practices:

Tip 1:  back up: automatically, have at least two copies of important files

Tip 2: update: pc operating system, router, smartphone, software, and especially security software

Tip 3: do maintenance: blow out the dust, make sure it defrags on schedule, run automatic security scans and pay attention to items flagged

Tip 4: use good passwords: 10 characters with symbols and numbers, don’t use the same password on multiple sites

Tip 5: email is insecure, only use it for causal information

Tip 6: don’t open executable attachments or questionable websites

Tip 7: use firewalls both software and hardware if possible

Tip 8: use auto updating and scanning security software

Tip 9: only use wifi with proper security features enabled on a trusted network

Tip 10: just because it’s on the internet don’t make it true!  don’t post your secrets or whereabouts in real time on Social media such as facebook and twitter a little common sense goes a long way!

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