Watch our for the PUPs

potentially unwanted programsPotentially Unwanted Programs

Here are several reminders on how to stay PUP free:

Instead of using download portals, go to the direct vendor website and download the desired software from there. Use caution here as well, because direct vendors can bundle PUPs themselves as well but at least it reduces the risk a little.

Read over the terms of agreement carefully. Moreover, read the privacy policy of each bundled program carefully: what do they do with your data? Avoid seemingly suspicious software (free and paid).

Uncheck boxes during installation since most PUPs use an opt-out approach.

Use an antivirus program that comes with PUP detection, such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Do periodic scans for malware and PUPs with the free Emsisoft Emergency Kit, which scans and cleans your computer.

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