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Drivesavers-data-recovery-logoThrough a special arrangement, you can now receive professional data recovery service through DriveSavers Data Recovery at reduced rates.   These guys are good!  When you have to have it back off a dead drive-  DriveSavers has never failed me yet!  S*%$ happens- thank god for DriveSavers!!


Discounted Service Prices 


With the highest success rate in the industry, DriveSavers has earned a global reputation for excellence by providing fast, accurate data recovery and unparalleled customer service. Call DriveSavers when you experience a data loss of any kind. If your hard drive has failed, DriveSavers can respond immediately with experienced data recovery advisors that will answer any questions and counsel you on the most appropriate steps to solve your problem.


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DriveSavers stands behind their free initial estimate to ensure that your final cost will never exceed the maximum amount quoted. There are no hidden charges or upfront fees, and no special Cleanroom or parts fees.  Receive a Free Estimate


Call and speak directly with DriveSavers seasoned advisors. They’ll provide you with a firm estimate, based on the symptoms and circumstances of your data loss and any special situations you’ve encountered. You do not need to send in your drive to receive an estimate.  For immediate service, contact DriveSavers 800.440.1904 — 24 hours a day, seven days week.


Business Networks

Is your business network too slow?  Are you having long waits to pull up files on the network?  If so, you may be in need of a network make over.  Most current networking gear should work at gigabit speeds.  If your router, network cards, and network wiring are not up to the task it can really be a productivity drain.  No one in an office environment wants to have to go get a coffee while the database file is opening.  If this is your office, your network is too sloooow!!


Let us help you correct network issues.  We can monitor all of your office pcs to proactively keep small issues from becoming big problems.   Call us for a consultation if you have any issue with your office technology.  Here at Computer Guy Consulting we are here to help.  Reach us at 325-4656.