Backing Up ….to the Cloud

Maybe you’ve seen the Microsoft ads for Windows 7, you can go to the internet “aka the cloud” to grab the file you need from your home pc.  This can be very handy indeed. 

Backing up files to the cloud is a part of a sound back up strategy.  Some experts say that you do not have a back up until you have 3 copies of a file.  One copy on your pc, maybe one copy on an external hard disk, and the third copy offsite.  Backing up to the cloud gives you your third copy offsite. 

There are many online back up services available to both businesses and consumers depending on your needs.  The point is to have this third copy of important files offsite.  Theft and fire can easily wipe out your two local files.  We have helped many users set up various types of local and online back ups.  Remember the little bit of time and cost to set up an online back up will seem like the best money you ever spent when disaster strikes and your data files go missing.  To the Cloud!

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