Windows 7 -It’s Good!

Windows 7 is now overtaking all other versions of windows.  It’s time to make the move.  Windows 7 is far more secure and stable than XP or Vista.  The 64 bit version is capable of using large amounts of RAM memory and is very fast.  All of the recent spyware infections we have fixed here at Computer Guy Consulting have been on Windows XP machines.  Computer repair on old XP machines is becoming less and less cost-effective.  Most modern hardware and software will now work with Windows 7.  If you are using anything else, the time has come to consider an upgrade or a new PC running Windows 7.  If you need advice give us a call.  We provide small business IT services, data recovery, computer repair here in the Tucson, AZ area.

One thought on “Windows 7 -It’s Good!

  1. I absolutely love Windows 7 and have been using it for almost 2 years now ever since the beta tester was released. It’s currently running on my Quad core workstation w/ 8gbs of RAM. If someone told my I’d be running this kind of setup 10 years ago, I would’ve thought they were crazy.

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