Time for a new PC?

 We receive calls almost daily from customers wanting us to work on older PCs.  If you are using a computer that is running Windows XP and is more than 4 years old, consider a new PC.  Yes we can repair and upgrade older computers but aging hard disk drives really pose a serious threat to your data.  The computer is replaceable but your data isn’t.  (You are doing back ups- right?) 

Getting a new PC is sometimes the most reliable and cost-effective computer repair.  Windows 7 is very fast and stable.  The prices of the new computers are reasonable now.  Of course we can help you with set up and data transfer to the new computer.  Often this is the best bang for the buck.  If you have waited too long and the old computer is crashed, we do lots of data recovery in the Tucson area as well.  Computer Guy Consulting can also assist you in purchasing a new computer for your home or business.  We are authorized Dell dealers.  We do small business IT.

Computers eventually wear out.  Hard disk go bad frequently.  Protect yourself by having a good back up system and modern PC.

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