Tucson Computer Repair -Options?

What are your computer repair options here in Tucson?  Big Box Store, National Repair Companies, or a local shop?  Clients tell me that the Big Box stores charge about $100.00 just to look at a PC.  The National Repair Companies have you call an 800 number and talk to a dispatcher person who may not even be in the United States. 

Who needs the Big Box or the Nerd Wagon when you can go local?  Here at Computer Guy in sunny Tucson, Arizona we offer free diagnostics in our shop.  We answer the phone with people who actually work on PC’s!  A local technician, serving the local area, offering free diagnostics, fast service and turn around times. What a concept!

What’s Your Data Worth?

How much time and energy do you have invested in your: contacts, database, photos, spreadsheets, wordfilenotfound documents, emails, etc?  For most of us a lot of effort is tied up in those files.  Could you afford to lose them?  Most would say no.  What’s your data worth to you?

Here in the Tucson area Computer Guy Consulting does data recovery frequently.  PC’s crash, hard disk die, hardware is stolen, malware destroys data.  Most customers have little to no back up of most data.  Don’t make an excuse about why you can not do it.  Copy files once a month to an external hard disk drive.  Let us set up an automatic back up system for you.  Both solutions are significantly cheaper than having to pay for data recovery.