Computer Repair ? or New PC ?

windows 7Do you need computer repair?  We do that.  Do you have an old PC.  Windows 7 has just been released and it’s good.  Rather than spending money on an old PC it may make sense to buy a new computer.  Dell is offering some very good prices now on the machines with Windows 7.   If you need help trying to decide what to do- call us.  We give free diagnostics and we are Dell authorized resellers.  Do you need a computer repair?  Maybe, maybe not.  Give us an email or call.  We are here to help.  Do you have a small business in the Tucson area?  We can help with your small business IT needs as well.

Data Recovery in Tucson

Tucson Data Recovery

Computer Guy Consulting recovers data for countless individuals and businesses every year.  Generally data loss is caused by human factors.  Sometimes the actual drives do go bad.  Either way, we can recover your data. 

Recovery is usually possible after a “whoops” happens.  Your best bet is to turn off the pc in question and call us.  You don’t want to make your situation worse by overwriting your valuable data.  We can recover your database, photos, quickbooks, email, documents, etc. and put them on dvds or an external hard disk. 

Make sure you back up your data.  If you need data recovery in the Tucson area, we have extensive experience and hundreds of successful recoveries.  Call us at 520-325-4656.